DSL Internet Packages

About our DSL

We offer unlimited "no data cap" speeds we can find a speed that will fit your needs. Please call for more details. With MMTC you can expect great personalized service. We have been proudly serving our area for over 100 years and providing internet service since 1997. You can let the entire family stream movies and browse the internet with our DSL internet packages.

DSL Features

  • NO data caps
  • Now offering up to 10meg
  • Full fiber optic backbone
montrose mutual dsl internet packages


$36.95Per month


$47.95Per month


$58.95Per month


$69.25Per month


$75.20Per month

DSL requires an active phone line.
montrose mutual wireless internet

Wireless Internet Service

Wireless internet is designed for customer who are located in areas without access to our high-speed DSL internet. With prices at $30 a month and unlimited "no data cap" our wireless internet a great solution for customers in rural areas.

$30Per month
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